Gossip- A simple pass-time or a killer of character?

Doesn’t it sound exciting?
“A sport-star is dating some Ms. X after dumping some Ms. Z. OMG, he is one lucky guy!”
And some other celeb divorces his wife and we start researching and giving oral presentation to whoever gives an ear about what might have been the reason. Kudos to us! Great analysis! Need to be awarded for such an analysis.
In our college days, there were always these few girls and boys who were always discussed about at their backs. Then there was this Professor A who made lot of money by leaking question papers.
Come our job days….. There is no limit to the height of our gossips. Most of us will always discuss about that colleague Mr. X who supposedly flirts with some Ms. Y.
Everything is fine, and gossip is good to a level since it reduces some stress.
But there is a catch. Gossiping, for most of the time spreads rumours than facts. And in gossiping, most of us speak up without actually thinking twice. In gossips, we don’t care if it hurts the feelings/character of the subject in discussion. We express more of a rude manifestation of our own thoughts about the subject than mere facts.
Finally if what we discuss turns out to be a lie, we are shameless enough not to repent.
Thus, we are losing our own values. We are reducing ourselves not only in the eyes of the subject of the gossip. But also in the eyes of those who encourage us to discuss stuff-since for them we are no more than jokers who simply joke about others.
As a result, the joke of gossiping is finally on us!
So friends, think twice before you gossip. Unless you can utter the same words in the face of the subjects themselves, or have the guts to apologise for the consequences, DO NOT GOSSIP.
Gossip kills your own character before others.

-Thank you all, for reading.

Have a happy time

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