The Game Called Blame

Humanity is endowed with exceptional gifts that help to think, plan, execute and achieve; a trait that sets us apart among-st the Denizens of the Earth.

We have got skills to analyze and resolve problems in our own inimitable way.

Problems and failures form an integral part in the lives of each individual. And the ability to face and resolve our problems as well as the courage to own up the responsibility of our failures make the difference in our personalities.

Unfortunately very few of us are gracious to accept our failures and try to resolve problems. Those of us who do not, deny our part in failures. In fact we reach a stage where we start blaming situations and others for the failure. Thus begins the Game of Blame.

In blaming, we try to wriggle out of troubles rather than facing the hardships.

But, a blamer can never solve problems. Instead he unwittingly creates misunderstandings between himself and others, thus resulting in a wide rift with his fellows. He is reduced into a sorry state of gibbering and ineffective personality. Blaming never helps in one’s progress and achievement.

Rather, those who think and act in a proactive manner instead of blaming, find themselves on the path to Greatness and contentment.

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