The Ultimate Master

Once a philosopher was preaching about Life.

One of his pupils asked”Sir, what is the most influential factor of life? Is it fate or desire?

“Neither” replied the philosopher.

He went on to explain:

” Fate can only influence one’s life only when he submits to it in fear. Also fate is in one’s own hands.

Desire is an inborn nature in every human that can motivate him with the thirst to achieve as well as tempt him to lose his virtues.

But there is one factor that influences life vehemently. It is the essence for both fate and desire to influence one’s life: Choice. Both of the above can dictate one’s life only on the basis of their choice. In fact it is not just the choice of pursuing or rejecting one’s fate or desire but also on the choice of means of achievement.

Thus Choice is the Ultimate Master of our lives”.

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