The Tigress, “My Granny”

In a country like mine, where we are striving to rediscover ourselves, where the liberals and radicals still argue over many issues, the Right to Equality of Women across all Communities being one among them; my Granny’s story should be an inspiring one. Being the youngest of four siblings, she lost her father at a young age of 10 years. But supported by her widowed mother and ably guided by her siblings she completed her High School.

Around that time, her elders found her a match and married her off. Alas! Little did anyone guess about the litmus test she had to face….

Her husband, though true at heart, unfortunately fell into bad company. After patiently putting up with him for a few years, when she mothered two children, she finally found that she could stand no more the life she had. For the sake of her children, she took one of the bravest decisions of her times:she took her children and left her husband. Then she went to her older siblings who took her with all the love they could give and encouraged her to undergo teachers’ training course at a popular institute.

After the completion of the training, my granny got a teacher’s job in a government school. She got posted in a little remote place. Even after getting a job, she had to put up with the prejudice of the then male-dominated society. Still she persisted and went on to work for the next 40 years during which she ensured that her children got good education and a decent life. Her son, my dad still looks up to her for any advice. The same is the case with my aunt. Even I am influenced a great deal by her and follow some of her ethics in my day to day life.

At 80, she is still an inspiration for anybody, irrespective of whoever they maybe to cope with problems in life and come out in flying colors. She is indeed a Tigress!!!

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