What’s up now for the fest?

I was young…..

By young I mean during my childhood and adolescence…..

I used to have a remarkable time. Especially, when there was any festival in the neighborhood. Be it giving out cards on New Year, or sucking sugarcane on Sankranthi (Festival of Harvest in Southern India),tasting bitter-sweet (Jaggery with neem) on Ugadi(Hindu New Year) and many other such festivals, we used to have lots of fun. Being the only child in the family I relished the attention and pampering I got, not only from my parents, but also from relatives and neighbors(Especially I loved having a Lion’s share of traditional sweets and delicacies everywhere:-P).

I and the other children in the neighborhood used to be couriers for distributing and sharing the goodies in the localities. We also savored the prasadam at the temples.

But now, so many things have changed……

I have now moved to a metropolitan, have a decent job, and married 😉

Ofc festivals are celebrated here, but I find the spirit missing. Celebration is more of a formal showoff here than a part of life.

Even if someone makes a sincere effort to bring the spirit, I don’t see too many people happy to help.

Everyone has got themselves locked in their own system of comfort which they’re not ready to breakout from.

Ah!How much I miss those magical days!

The hearty laughter, the carefree company and the lovely neighborhood……. I do love to be part of it all again……So that I can indeed live my life…….

By the way, what’s up for the fest?

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