A bitter truth in today’s world…

I am not going to mince words and will be straight to the point.

How are failures handled today and how are the failed treated?

In a shameful manner, ofcourse most of the times.

Students are expected not to be just good enough and capable but to be the best;

Every single employee out there is asked to work only for success and even unavoidable failures are not tolerated.

Every single sportsman out there is expected only to win and a defeat is unacceptable no matter how much fight they give before losing!

The consequence…..

Today’s generation doesn’t have the strength, patience and perseverance to cope with failures and learn from them. The fear of failure is imprinted in the people’s minds even before they get to pursue success. Nobody is able to enjoy the pursuit of success! And as a result, they are not able to savour even the success they have achieved.

Honestly, I don’t understand why every single person out there is expected to have the Midas’ touch..

Shame on today’s society that a person is not respected for his individuality but for his materialistic success!

Can’t we realise that the likes of Tom Edison, Ab Lincoln, Al Einstein, MK Gandhi and many such personalities first learnt from failures before turning around their destiny and only then did they rewrite history?

Wake up guys! Before it’s too late…

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