Being True….

” Once there lived a sage who was known for his persistence with truth. One day, while he was sitting outside his hut, a boar scampered by, evidently scared for its life. A few moments later, a hunter emerged from behind and asked ‘ O venerable sage, can you please let me know as to where the boar ran to’? The sage simply pointed in a different direction to the one the boar had run. A disciple who was watching all this couldn’t bring himself to the fact that his guru had just lied. When he asked the sage as to why he lied, the latter smiled and replied ‘Ofcourse I worship truth. But today I had a far more important purpose – that of saving an innocent life’. “

This story is enlightening in the simplest way- that being true doesn’t always mean to be truthful; but infact it means staying true to one’s purpose.

One stays true so long they keep doing the right thing at the right time and in the right manner.

Being truthful may or may not have anything to do with being true.

They’re both different perspectives of life.

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